Anonymous asked:
What would you do if you was seeing a boy for nearly 2years but he has said he never wants to be with you.. would you leave? Am in that situation now, alls we do is kiss, cuddles&have sex he never takes me out or spends money on me, not even for my birthday or xmas!&said he doesnt wanna be with me, at first I accepted it b/casue I was in love with him now my feelings for him have gone, so should I leave him or stay with him?

I would be so gone x

Anonymous asked:
First of all I'd just like to say you have an amazing blog! Well...I have prom soon and all of the girls in my year are more or less wearing the same type of dresses, by any chance do you know any shops/websites or places in London I could get a really nice dress?

For prom, I’d look at forever unique, Sherri Hill and Jovani dresses…

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