Don’t you just feel naughty watching this! <3

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Anonymous asked:
Maybe I cut his phone off cause I felt like I Was giving Too much and I wanted more from him in return is that wrong

No you wasn’t wrong for that but just make sure you talk about it with him when you can be civil and not just angry x

Anonymous asked:
I wanna know the key to keeping it together after a breakup??? Im emotional so if things aren't deep I can get attached my heart is extremely genuine

You have to stay busy, busy, busy. Anything to do with him cut out. It’s tough times.

Anonymous asked:
I gave my boyfriend a free already paid for phone and we had a fight so I cut it off am I wrong to do so cause I'm not paying for the phone

Lol This is actually funny! Well it was spiteful of you as it was over an argument. You’re probably just going to have to connect it again when you make up…
Advise: Don’t make decisions when you’re mad.

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