hoodjenny asked:
You are gorgeous! Sending you love and positive vibes from Texas doll.

Thank you so much for your message ! <3 From London to Texas! :D 

Anonymous asked:
I started seeing this guy 2mths ago. We are close & all of that. We have a great time together & he claims he cares about me a whole lot and I do feel it & everything, but he's just so... Idk! He likes to talk to girls - as friends, but often. And hang out with them 1on1 and stuff. He also goes out basically every weekend, both Friday & Saturday night and I just don't like that. I feel like it's not appropriate when ur seeing someone, esp after I've met some of his friends. Am I wrong for this?

No, I totally get you. I don’t think I could accept that but that is his lifestyle. All you can do is let him know how you feel and see how you can compromise. Surely he is not going to change his life but maybe you can come to an agreement… If not then sadly maybe he is not right for you? All the best x

Anonymous asked:
you are absolutely stunning

Aww, Thank you so much anon! <3 <3 <3 

thereintwoshakes asked:
First off love your Tumblr and IG page, you are just gorg and have great style! I just wanted to know did you go to school for the baking & catering you & your partner do? You do an awesome job I'd love doing that it's so creative! Love ya :)

Hi love,

thank you so much! No, we didn’t go to school for it. All self taught so far but we are going to visit classes to improve our skills. Thank you for the love ! <3

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