gxldhood asked:
your perfect. xo

Of course not girl! 😘

Anonymous asked:
I was wondering if you knew any places/sites that sold similar things to Cartier but with a lower price p.s love your blog xxxx

Michael Kors copy them… Or is that too cheap !?

Anonymous asked:
I'm the girl who said about dressing up for her boyfriend... well I am going to wear heels but I only have black wedges or black ankle boots (both very high heel) but no simple black high heels, do you think I could be able to wear one of them two? and which one? x

Hey miss sexy! If the ankle boots look sexy with it then go for it but if not then just go without but don’t forget to tip toe as if you are in heels πŸ˜›

Anonymous asked:
I want to surprise my boyfriend and get dressed up for him because we havn't seen each other for a while, am wearing stockings and suspenders but I dont know whether to wear it with a babydoll camisole or just my bra & knickers.. what you think? and should I wear heels with it? x

OMG yes girl! Wear the bra, knickers, suspenders if you have them and of course I’d say heels! 😘

Anonymous asked:
Hey babe, how long have you and your bf been together? how did u meet and when did u know he was the one? Do you reckon you'll be ready for marriage and kids soon? How will you balance all the glamour with motherhood? Bet you'd be a yummy mummy actually x

We have been together for four years and I would love to meet him at the isle one day but I’m not ready for that just yet!
Balancing the glam and my baby? Not sure about that lol I hope to be a yummy mummy lol but I know once I have my child I will want to give them all I have and more

glxmm asked:
Seeing all these negative messages from lame people who have to hide as anonymous, so sad that they're filled with envy over someone who's living a good life successfully. Good for you for not letting it get to you! Love the blog btw xx

Thank you hun! Have to stay positive πŸ™ good vibes πŸ‘Œ

Anonymous asked:
I want to be with my one boyfriend but I'm a flirt by accident I can start dating a guy I'm barley interested in ill just have his attention . I get into things w guys unknowingly then I make a mistake and realize it after I've mad a mess how do I slow myself down

I don’t know how you can flirt by accident. Surely you know when you’re coming onto somebody.
I can’t help you if you don’t help yourself.
Take a step back and try to divert your attention to yourself. Focus on your work or hobbies like the gym for eg. Keep busy without trying to get attention.
Maybe you are feeling lonely but if you don’t like the way you are dealing with it, save the flirting for someone you really are into instead.

Anonymous asked:
I have a job interview tomorrow and I really don't know what to wear... What do you suggest? Xx

I don’t know what the job is for so I’ll just say… A nice brilliant white blouse with black/navy/neutral trousers and classic pointy heels 😊

Anonymous asked:
How'd you get rich ?

If you find out let me know !

Anonymous asked:
Ok love, if you call doing competitions to give away for pathetic fools to beg for your shoes or clothes! I mean actually something to help people. I've seen some of your competitions. Like you're something special, like people should feel grateful for your cast offs!!!!

I asked for an idea of a birthday cake and the best idea wins to make it worth their time. No begging for shoes lol
Aside from that you have very strong views so I assume you’re implementing something in order to make the world a better place. Come off anon and I’ll be happy to join you 🌎

reachpeach asked:
Some people have a passion for art or music or architecture, but no one really rags on them for that or calls them rude names like that anon is doing to you. YOU HAVE A PASSION FOR FASHION JUST LIKE OTHER PEOPLE HAVE FOR ART MUSIC ETC!!!! Why is being passionate about YOURSELF and the way you LOOK such a problem to people?! And how is it any different from other peoples passions?! It's so crazy!!!! I'm a little sensitive on that subject because people in my life judge me, too.

I do not have the answer but it’s true I do find it bizarre how emotional these anons are about things like this. I say over and over, I am not rich but if I were born into a rich family I still think it’s so funny the way people assume and really seem to want to fight me over anon about being this or that lol
Being me, the person who these people absolutely do not know and are completely wrong about makes it even more interesting to watch.
I feel sorry for the people who are successful in life and give their children a good life and then those children have people like that to deal with for real. Criticising those for what they have even though they are taught about the world and the unfortunate things that are happening.
It’s sad really but you can’t win

Anonymous asked:
Babe! I cannnnottt walk in Louboutins! Any tips!!!!

Loubs in particular !? Maybe the style you are going for is not right for you!? I don’t find my daffodiles a walk in the park. Defo won’t be getting anymore of those lol

Anonymous asked:

Well, his nickname is Jimmy obviously because of his name. But yes! I personally call him Jimmychoo! I didn’t know that’s what celebs do πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you’re messages are giving me life!

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